Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Skipped running the past two days. Mostly sore on Sunday yet and still a bit lingering yesterday. At this point in time a day off would probably be more productive than going out, flailing and hyperventilating amongst the trails of El Paso County. So I ditched yesterday.

Not too thrilled with Saturday's results. 1:58:53... so about three minutes slower than last year. 21st overall, 4th in male 40+ group... It is what it is. Couldn't have run it any harder than I did. This I think just completely illustrates the need to lose weight and even four extra pounds on my frame is a lot to deal with. They say that one pound equals about two seconds per mile so the math works out to be be almost right on the money between last year and this year. The diet started yesterday.

Registered for the 5K this Saturday and hope to go under 20 minutes on a course in Colorado and not just at sea-level. Also registered for Desert Rats 50 Mile race April 20th. That will be the next focus. Of course I hope to go faster in that race than last year but we will see.

As a positive side-note, my LT100 pacer roster is complete now. Hawaiian Shirt Ray will be pulling me along from Twin to Fish.

Non-running related... Spring has sprung. Looking at the forecast for the next several days with the high temps, no freezing temps and super low humidity, prompted me to hookup the sprinklers yesterday. Gas and electric bills go down... Water bill goes up... Can't win.

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