Thursday, March 1, 2012

Welcome Back

No doubt the past two weeks have been a bear, however slowly (appropriate for me) and surely things have swung back around. Last week I had a 20 miler on Saturday and finished the week with 56 miles. Not too bad for a first full week effort trying to get back into the swing of things.

Yesterday the last day of February I did my usual pre-Salida 20 mile time trial run. This run gives me a good idea of where I am each year at this time. I ran it three days earlier on Wednesday instead of on Saturday but I just could not waste the good weather and overall favorable conditions yesterday. There was also the added bonus that I truly felt up to it. I came up just three seconds slower than last year and with stop lights, and seeing that I had to run the last 3 miles in the dark which always slows me down a bit, I am very satisfied.

The other reason for throwing the 20 in yesterday was to bump my February mileage up to 200 for the month which I did and February will go down in the books as 202 miles and that was with the two full weeks off.

Barr Trail this morning with Brownie and he was flying... me not so much. I just held a comfortable sustained pace the whole way up until the turn around. It felt good and I just wanted to enjoy the run up the trail more than anything. It is crazy how many people are there at the trailhead or on the incline at just after 5:00 a.m. Crazy.

So I am back or so it seems and am ready to move on. I feel ready for Salida but I am not putting a lot of pressure on myself or any expectations. This one will have to figure itself out as I am running it. All things considered I think it will go just fine.

I'll cancel my appt with the glue factory today.

Happy March 1st everybody!

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