Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I overslept this morning to tune of about 30 minutes. I startled awake just a few minutes before five and had to be at the COG Depot at 5:20 to meet JT. Somehow I made it...

I sprung out of bed, got changed, cleaned up and was out the door pretty much right at five. Managed to pull in and park at the Iron Springs Chateau just a few seconds before JT showed up.

Had an okay run up Barr Trail. Actually it was exactly like Thursdays run almost to the second. Considering how tired and sore my quads are today I am feeling pretty damned good about that. Beautiful sunrise as we were running down the trail. Next week it will be dark as we will be back on Daylight Savings Time.

Ordered a new pair of MT101's this morning for the race in Salida this weekend. I am not ready to commit to run a race, even a half marathon in the MT110s' yet. The MT101's just feel a bit more solid on my feet and I feel faster in them. And hey, the MT101's were 50 bucks... so to get a pair of shoes that I will wear and ultimately trash for 50 bucks is a hell of a deal. It really all just comes down to confidence and without beating that dead horse anymore, we all know that right now I need all of the confidence that I can get.

I am throwing Desert Rats 50 mile back on the schedule. I just need to have it approved by my boss and arrange a house/dog sitter for the time we are gone. We plan to spend a day in Glenwood before going to Fruita and making a long weekend/vacation out of it. Sort of excited about that. Beautiful country, great course... I plan to PR on this one for certain.

Had to take Asia to the vet last week as her jaw/cheek was horribly swollen. Looked like she had a big wad of Red Man that she was chewing on... Not good. Turned out to be an abscess of some sort. She has been on major antibiotics for a week now and I am very happy to report that 90% of the swelling is now gone. As a side note that little shit ran her heart out last night with me. I will run her later today.

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