Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Last Andy

JT blinked first this morning and bailed on the track workout.  At least he was big enough to not blame it on the dog today.  I got in a good ten miler this afternoon with lots of trail and climbing.  Of course the wind is just tearing ass out of the south again today but what else is new.

The needle on the weight scale in the bathroom is finally on the right (meaning the left) side of 145 for a change.  I think that I can really tell a difference too judging by my runs the past few days.  I read in my racing weight book that it is within tolerances to gain up to 8% of ones body weight in the off season.  I barely gained 4% I think after Rocky and I can't even imagine gaining 8% and trying to lose it.  Again, I am just happy that things are going in the right direction.

The leg held up today too.  I still intend to aggressively treat it with ice, NSAIDS and compression until it is 100% or at least 95%... I think that I just did something goofy to it last Wednesday.

Found out this morning that my father died last night.  We had an estranged relationship but be that as it may I am still in shock.  I just hope that when his death decided to touch him and told him that it was time that he was able to go with the honor of a true warrior.  I also pray that he now knows the peace and comfort that he never afforded for himself in this lifetime. This now means that of the three Andy's I am now the last one.

One of the old man's favorite songs...  Enjoy.

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