Wednesday, March 14, 2012

South of 140

Regrouping and getting it back together. I've committed to dropping the weight and though I would prefer to be around 7 pounds lighter I think that I might even have to go lighter than that just to make the maintenance a little easier and drop about ten to twelve. Great! Nothing but cardboard and water now...

Figured out my training plan between now and Desert Rats last night. March is going to be tough month now, hell this week is going to be a challenge. Today's 10.5 miles was slow and ugly... I hope to feel better by the weekend. To add insult to injury my Garmin misfired on the download so today's data was lost and I had to enter it in the training database manually.

Barr Trail in the morning but I plan to go further up than the W's and make it a longer workout. We'll see.

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