Monday, March 31, 2014

March, etc.

I can't believe today is the end of March and I really can't believe it given the various weather forecasts both for our state and other parts of the country.  This winter does not want to let go.

A month ago I had no idea what I was going to be doing this year.  Within the first week of March I was denied entry into the LT100 MTB Race so taking matters into my own hands I registered for Leadman soon after.

Overall my training volume comparing last year for the first three months of the year and this year for the first thee months is off and it is large enough of a discrepency to cause some alarm. Almost.  I attribute it to taking the first weeks of January off when I was sick and also blaming the weather as it was way more conducive for long hours out running and riding last year in Jan, Feb, and March than this year.

So my numbers are off a bit.  I am not going to sweat it especially given the output that I have been consistently putting out this past month.  I feel way stronger on both the bike and running than I did a year ago.  It isn't the same as last March at all.

But my totals for this March compared to March of last year are really close.  Close enough for me know that I am on the right track and not playing "catch up" like the numbers might indicate.  I am definitely sitting in a good spot.

Training Time for March
I am ready for the weather to get right.  That will help a ton in so many ways.

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