Friday, March 7, 2014

My Birthday Run March 8th 08:00

Anyone who would like to join me tomorrow, Saturday, March 8th for my annual birthday run, come on down!  I try to do my birthday run most years and I always try to get my years in mile-wise but most times come up short.  Anything over thirty tomorrow will be great.... 46 is the goal.  Yeah I know.. "Damn you are old Andy!"

I have come up with a very simple loop that is approximately 8.5 miles long.  The loop starts at my house, goes over to Monument Valley Park by the swimming pool, then south to the foot bridge which crosses over to the east side of the creek. Go north for two miles or so to the top of the park then take the other bridge, west, and run south along the west bank of the creek to Fontanero.  Take Fontanero west to the greenway then head south until Walnut and then turn right, west, headed into Sonderman Park.  Go all the way through Sonderman Park up to Mesa and then take Mesa south back towards the house.  More or less that is the loop.  I will probably run it mostly counter clockwise but might throw in some clockwise loops for variety and to help manage the wind if that is an issue.

The map of the 8.5'sh mile loop.
I hope to get in five loops and then then just do something out and back to tack on the extra remaining 3.5 - 4 miles.  I like the size of the loop as I will never be gone for more than an hour and half for each loop and can stop in the house for more stuff if I need it or change into warmer or cooler clothes as the day wears on.

I plan to start at 8:00 sharp and just keep going until it is done.  Afterwards I will probably go downtown or to Manitou to get something to eat and to hang out a bit.  And if anyone wants to hang out then I would love to have the company.

Registered for Leadman yesterday.  Lucho is back on the payroll.  I had what was probably the most fun summer of my entire life last year doing this series.  When I was running on Wednesday and thinking things over I realized that this summer is going to be even MORE fun.  It is pretty exciting stuff.  I get to train in and around Aspen, and I will spend a lot of time up in Leadville training since it is so close and really focus this year on sharpening my biking skills.  Dos el plato grandes, por favor.  :)

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