Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday. No Run Today.

Just a lot of this kind of slush and stuff today.
The weather is bad out for running and forget even getting on a bike.  It isn't because it is snowing or that is windy or even that cold out.  If anything it is because it isn't that cold out and that is what is making a mess of things.  There is just slush and melting snow everywhere. It is snowing and has been all day but the outside temperature is right around 32 to 33 degrees Fahrenheit.

It just isn't worth it to go out and get in the mess.  Even if I stayed on the surfaces that have been mostly clear and I have been running on all week it would still be sloppy.  I guess I could have tried to go to the ARC to run on the treadmill but I am just not that invested in it today.  I feel bad I am dropping my long run for the week but it happens.  I had already planned on going to the ARC tomorrow for a long ride on an indoor trainer and that will just have to do.

I did get to check out parts of the Power of Four Ski Mountaineering Race today and watch Brendan Trimboli and his racing partner Drew finish the race.  It is a race that I would like to try someday but I am nowhere near good enough skiing downhill to even think about it right now, if ever.  It is a stout race, at 25 miles and over 12K in elevation gain. 

Heading back to Colorado Springs later tomorrow afternoon in order to give the traffic a head start on I-70.  The weather forecast for the springs looks nice enough to get some good rides and runs in this week.  I am planning a super, extra long, forty'ish mile run for next Saturday.  Still trying to figure out the course but I think it will be something like three 15 mile out and backs from the house to various parts of town throughout the day. 

Leadville 100 MTB lottery is this week.  Once I find out if I got in or not then I will plan out my season accordingly. It does feel weird that it is the first of March and I am only registered for Run Rabbit Run 100 and it all the way out there in September. 

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