Sunday, March 30, 2014

Still in the Springs for a bit.

Melissa was here all this past week and we now have most of the house packed and ready to move.  My plan was to go up to Aspen early this week then and just stay up there but the weather has different ideas.  It looks as if it will be storming there pretty much all week so I might as well just stay here where I can at least train in milder weather.  Plus I have no desire to drive up there with the Jeep loaded to the max in winter like conditions.  I've done enough of that already these past few months.  No more winter driving! 

It has been a good week on the training front.  The only bad thing that happened was that I wrecked the bike yesterday.  Hard.  So right now I have some sore spots and what not from the impact but nothing that will be lingering or any real injuries to worry about.  I was damned lucky it wasn't any worse than it was. 

18:32 training hours for the week.  10:39 on the bike, all outside, and 7:53 running. 

I am ready for the wind to go away. 

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  1. Ugh. Heal up dude.

    Funny thing on the wind. I was out in Hawaii last week and I was looking forward to the wind when I would get it. The reason is that the air was so stifling humid that the wind was welcomed to break up the otherwise sweat fest.