Sunday, March 16, 2014

Got A Lot Done This Week

All in all a pretty good week for the most part.  I sold a lot of stuff and am feeling good about that.  Pretty soon I won't have anything left except for the stuff that goes into boxes to be moved.

Great week of training.  I had an interesting experience on Thursday's ride because my back tire on the Cannondale went flat as I was riding up Cheyenne Blvd, almost to Cresta.  It seems there is a seam in the tire that runs down the center of the tread and that is where it was leaking from.  I tried to make it an easy fix so I removed the needle from the valve stem, put a small bottle of Stan's Sealant in to the tire and fiddled with it until it seemed like it would hold.  Move the sealant around, shoot in some air, check it and do it again.  It flatted about 20 minutes into my ride but lasted the other 2:40 but I still think I need a new tire.  The Trek was getting tuned up so that is why I was on the Cannondale.  It was an easy fix and thankfully I didn't have to use the tube in my pack as that would have taken longer taking the wheel off, remove the tire, put in the tube, etc. 

Lots of riding this week though and the runs were good too.  14:50 of training for the week.  11:30 on the bike, and 3:20 running.  Yesterday, Saturday, I did a 60.6  mile ride with 5K of climb and that was 5:27 of the total biking volume for the week.

Thoughts on weight and diet.  Right now I vary between the mid to upper 150's.  At the current time there really isn't any discipline in my diet at all.  I have enough other stuff to worry about in life right now than to be constantly policing what I eat and drink.  Call it a cop out too, but the way I have been training all winter, I have wanted to make sure I am eating enough to build some lean mass if I can but also to prevent bonks on workouts so every workout has been strong.  Anyway... There are approximately 12 weeks until the Leadville Marathon.  I am going to clean the diet up starting on April 14 with my goal weight being 147 -149 by June 14, and then try to hold there for the summer.  That will give me about eight weeks to lose about seven to eight pounds.   

Heading up to Aspen tomorrow for a few days.  It's been two weeks since I have seen Melissa and I have been really missing her.  Plus there really isn't a need for me to be here this week anyway for the most part.  I can run all I need to there and ride an indoor trainer for all of my bike workouts so no impact there.  This is probably my last trip up there to "visit" as I imagine when I go up about mid-April that will be it.  I will just live there. 

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