Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Which came first, the couch or the potato?

Another purging milestone last night.  I sold my couch, love seat, end tables, coffee table, two lamps and a fake decorative tree.  I guess I don't have to worry about sitting and around and turning into a fat ass on the couch since I don't have one now.

Now where do I sit?
For some reason and I have yet to put my finger on it I have felt "off" since it all went away last night.  Maybe I have hit or I am approaching the point of no return when it comes to the purging efforts?  You know, past the 50% mark where now I have less than half of what I started with?  I definitely feel a huge energy shift. Maybe it is because I got rid of something that was more than just stuff and actually had a real history to it?  The couch and loveseat I got when Annie was eleven.  Do you know how many movies her and I watched while on that furniture all of those years?  It is just a weird sensation.

My motorcycle is on the block next and you can imagine the headaches involved in THAT if you have ever sold anything on Craigslist.  Lots of stupid questions.  I think my favorite one so far was the guy who asked if I would bring it to him in Boulder, and oh yeah... he wanted for half the price.  Sometimes I weep for our country.

The sad thing is I already have ideas for another motorcyle for Pitkin County once I get up there.  

Short but intense ride lined up for today when it warms up.  Wednesday is a run, Thursday ride, Friday sort of an easy day with Saturday being the huge run.  The forecast for Saturday is deteriorating a little bit so I might have to do the run on Sunday.  Last year on my birthday run it was cold, windy, not raining but a heavy mist kind of crap.  I sure hope it isn't like that this weekend. And if anyone is up for doing any of the miles with me let me know.  I am planning three separate forays from the house with the final one ending in Manitou in the evening and then maybe taking a taxi home after hanging out there a bit.

Still no word on the 100 MTB Lottery...  But it is only Tuesday.