Thursday, March 20, 2014

Twelve Weeks And Two Days; Training in Aspen

So today I finally sat down and actually looked at a calendar to see how many days I had between now and the Leadville Marathon on June, 14th.  It comes out to twelve weeks and two days.  Good to know.

That will be my first race of the year.  Last year I was sort of bummed that I spent so much time through the winter and spring just training and did not go to any races except for the Cheyenne Mountain 50K. It was boring, isolating, and downright lonely at times doing all of my workouts alone.  This year though I welcome it.  I like knowing my first/next race is just over 12 weeks out and I can just focus on that and focus on that I will.  I am still a little freaked out over the possible snow conditions going up to Mosquito Pass that early in June though.  I do wonder if they might reconsider rerouting the course for the Marathon if it is bad.

But not having any races between now and then is fine with me. It just keeps my life more simple and I can appreciate that right now.

Double workouts most days this week which is sort of new for me.  In the past I have done doubles but not at this intensity and not day after day.  It's fun.  After just two weeks of working with Lucho I can tell that the foot is definitely on the gas training-wise, and not so much on cruise control as last year.  (That is just an analogy though... we weren't on cruise control or slacking last year either.) Last year the goal was to survive, this year it is to actually achieve something. 

I am so glad that I started training in January like I did in order to be ready to train for whatever I would end up doing.  It has paid off in huge dividends.  Another cool thing that I have noticed is that I am a lot stronger (and maybe even a touch faster) than last year.  I know this because last year the bike rides and trainer rides would kill me.... so I sucked on the bike pretty much.  Then when it came time to run, the runs were miserable and hard to get through because I was still affected from the bike workouts.  So my running sucked too.  It all sucked pretty much.  I remember being so frustrated last February I think it was that I almost just quit altogether.

But this year and especially these past three weeks it is completely different.  Whereas last year I was learning how to "run off of the bike" this year I am already there and have been there.  So I feel stronger and I do believe that my training is more effective now.  It is a huge confidence booster.

Training in Aspen though... If I were to do any outside riding up there this past week it would all have to be on roads.  Most trails are too messy to even run on right now.  A month or two ago trails were solid packed snow so no big deal.  Now there are soft spots, muddy spots, and then icy spots to contend with.  Marginal for running, but definitely not fit for biking.   I will have another three weeks or so in the springs coming up for riding there before I am up here full time mid-April.  I will figure out places to ride then.  Still though, lots of roads to ride on that are paved and clear... up the pass, or at least part of it, Maroon Creek Road, Castle Creek Road, Woody Creek Road and the like... 

Training aside... it is has been SO nice to be up here this week.  I get stop by the school most days and say hi to Melissa which is a huge treat.  AND!  It is nice to be somewhere and be able to sit on a couch again.  But more importantly I have just realized that this is just my home now so I am happier here than anywhere else I could be pretty much.  But, I am going back to the springs tomorrow.  Melissa is off for Spring Break next week and will coming to the springs on Monday.  Next week is the final push on packing and everything else.  By April 1, things will be in boxes to come here, go into storage, etc.  Then it will be time to move.  Finally! 


  1. I'm envious of the move to Aspen, have fun. I tried to do a little running there on a ski trip recently and even the Rio Grande trail was a postholing snow nightmare, so I ran in town and in Carbondale (which was dry). With the snow this year, it's going to take a while to thaw out...

  2. The Mosquito Pass road often melts out sooner than the other areas because a lot of folks hit it with their four wheelers ... and then need to dig out.