Sunday, March 23, 2014

Closing Out The Week

Closing out another week and all things considered I think it turned out to be a good training week. 12:32 total training time for the week.  10:20 of running for 69 miles and then 2:12 spent on an indoor trainer riding.  I would have preferred to bike more this past week but the weather and circumstances were not cooperative.

I had really hoped to ride yesterday and today but it never happened with the weather.  I still managed to get into two solid runs though, 16 and 15 miles respectively and both were quality runs.  I hope to get in more riding this coming week while I am here in the springs.

Went to REI today and blew about half of my dividend.  I got a new bike light so I don't have to be so concerned about getting stuck out after dark and then trying to ride with a headlamp.  I also got a new Camelbak Mule NV to replace my old Mule which was ten years old and kinda stinky regardless if I washed it or not.  I finished up the trip with six new pairs of Thorlo hiking socks which I wear 99% of the time every day.

I have to get up super early tomorrow morning as there is a showing at ten a.m. for the house so I need to clean. I think when I am ducking out for the showing I will get new tires at Pro Cycling for the Cannondale since I blew the rear tire two weeks ago.

Melissa will be here later in the afternoon and for the rest of the week as it is her Spring Break and then we will start packing everything into boxes that we can.  That will be the mission for the week.  More or less I am planning on four piles.  Things to go to the ARC and will go this week.  Things to box to leave here until the house closes and I will then move them to a storage unit in Pitkin County.  Things (some furniture mostly but some books and my mounts) which will go to Melissa's parent's home for storage until we get a bigger place.  Then the things which I will be taking to Aspen with me the first week of April when I just go up there and stay full time pretty much.  What is left here will be ready to just go onto trucks. 

I plan to only come back to the Springs one more time to take care of things, the piles mentioned above, and then just be done with it.  

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