Wednesday, April 2, 2014

And this is why we have two bikes!

Took the Trek into Pro Cycling yesterday to get some work done.  Well that and I just wanted to stare, gaze, covet, whatever, that beautiful Specialized Epic FSR they have there for $4400.  Ugh...

But seriously.  I have lost a lot of confidence in the Trek the past few weeks so it needs some work.  I will never take it back to Bicycle Village again.  That is where I bought it and I think they sort of dorked things up when I took it the last time for a tune up.  Really, they sell great bikes and stuff but I think I will just get my maintenance's on my bikes done elsewhere. 

So the Trek is a full suspension bike.  The rear fork "should" lock out then you flip a switch and then it should be "open" to dampen any hits the bike may take on the trail.  The problem is that for as long as I can remember really, and probably since I got the bike, but especially the past few weeks, it didn't matter which position the switch was in, the shock behaved as it was open.  That isn't good when you are pedaling uphill and the frame is flexing and wasting energy.

When I took the bike to the shop yesterday Branden looked at the shock and said, yup... that's not right.  It was comforting in a way to know that I have not been imagining it all this time.  The bad thing is the shock needs to be sent back to Fox to be rebuilt and when it comes back it will be as good as new.  Front forks/shocks are fine.

But there is more... the seat post and shell clamp "Bontrager" which comes stock on the Trek Superfly was loose as well.  So I ordered a new seatpost.  The front tire is out of wack (Thanks Bicycle Village) and has to be set right as well.   I am getting some new handlebar grips for good measure.  I think that about covers it.

Trying to not get to upset over the rear shock.  But 1.  I think it has been bad since I got the bike maybe. 2. The place where I bought it and have had it serviced should have caught that earlier I think.  No worrries though... in two to three weeks the Trek will be back and all will be well.

All I can say now is that I am thankful I have the Cannondale for a backup bike.  Rode about and hour and a half on it yesterday and then another three hours today.   Yesterday was a lot of easy riding and today was mostly climbing.  Tomorrow is a run day.

Windy again tomorrow but for variety it will be out of the north as opposed to being out of the south like it has been the past few days. 

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  1. never can have too many bikes, and now that you are unemployed you should be doing all your own maintenance on the bike:)
    Do I need to teach you?