Thursday, April 24, 2014

Clowns And Ice Cream Trucks

Not sure who is worse, Pennywise or this fellow... 'cept Pennywise was fictional.  I think...
To put it in the context of a Jeopardy question,  "What are two things that creep Andy the F out Alex?"

Seriously...  Just the things I think about when I am out there. 

Anyway, having a good week.  Recovering or trying to.  Monday was off completely.  Tuesday was a fun ride to Woody Creek, where I rode to Hunter S. Thompson's house and  turned around and came back to Aspen.  Woody Creek Road will be a nice road to add to my list of riding venues.

Yesterday I ran eight easy miles then rode in the afternoon.  I rode up Castle Creek Road and then up Midnight Mine Road to the snow line.  Midnight Mine Road is a pretty stout road.  Gained 1000 feet in 1.75 miles before I had to turn around.  Basically I made it about 1/3rd of the way up the backside of Aspen Mountain.  Definitely will be hitting that road as things get nicer around here.  Once I get up on Aspen Mountain and Richmond Ridge, if things are clear there really won't be anything preventing me from riding over to Taylor Park and back and that I am REALLY looking forward to.

Today was 8.5 miles without the HRM.  I ran up Smuggler and dropped four minutes off of my average time to the turn around point.  I know I was pushing it but nothing too excessive.  The weather was awesome today, better than they predicted I think.

Tomorrow, Friday, might be our last day of decent weather though.  The forecast for the next few days is not very pleasant.  Rain, snow, rain and snow, and colder.  I actually don't mind the rain as it helps to accelerate the snow melt.

Kicking around the idea for a unique FKT thing this summer if time allows.  Seems everyone these days has some hokey/obscure FKT to their credit so I might as well too since I am here.  LOL!

In other news... a shipment of new Hokas are inbound!  Woohoo! Enough shoes to last me till the end of the year probably.  Awesome!  

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