Sunday, April 6, 2014


Big Assed Loop.  That's what I ran today.  One big assed loop.  Finished off this training week with back to back long runs on Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday's run with Brooks was a stout twenty miler planned out perfectly to end at the Red Rocks Lounge where we got to hang out a bit before heading over to Rudy's BBQ to load up on food.

Yesterday's run was a good run and we had a lot of fun with lots of trails, lots of climbing.  The weather even held.  It's been ages since we have had a run like that.

But really, yesterday's run was just the prologue for today's outing.  I decided on Friday the goal was for a solid 20 on Saturday followed by 25 on Sunday.  The only question though was what route to run for the 25 miler. I figured something like Monument Valley down to Walmart, up through Bear Creek to Section 16 to Intemann, to Manitou, through GOG, Fontmore to Sonderman, then over to MVP again and home.  It came out to exactly 25 miles.

Today's 25 Miler, ran clockwise.
The first hour or so was a grind.  Just getting warmed up and getting through the initial less than visually pleasing parts of the run before the good stuff started up higher.  Section 16 and Intemann over to Manitou was fun like always.  Lots of climbing and dropping but it is just a really fun trail to run.  This was all still the "easy" part of the run for the most part.

I stopped in Manitou to refill bottles before heading through the Garden.  This part was okay.  It was a climb for a bit out of Manitou and up a bit in the Garden before dropping again.  Now I am starting to feel the fatigue.  "Just make it home," I kept telling myself.

Once I got through the Garden I had one more crummy up to deal with and that was up Fontmore from 31st up to the top of the Mesa.  This last hill did me in.  But after that I cruised the last four miles home and got here just as the rain and snow started to come down pretty heavy.  I pulled it off!

It was a good end to another great week of training.  18:48 total time training.  11:25 running and 7:23 riding and all of the riding was outside. 

In the springs for this week, well at least until Friday I think.  Melissa is going to be here visiting on Wednesday for work and I can't wait to see her.  I figure this is my last few days here in the springs full time and will only be coming back to take care of house things when required.  Woohoo! 

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