Sunday, April 27, 2014

Leadman Motivational Movies

What I watched on Friday...

Probably my favorite running move of all time with the best quote ever.  "I'm going to take your bloated carcass and turn you into a mountain racer!" 

Then on Saturday I followed it up with this classic that Melissa had never seen before so it was fun to watch together.  This one I saw for the first time when I was in the seventh grade.  Watching it now I find it funny that if some of the lines in this movie were in a movie today people would probably lose their minds.

Ending the week still standing but still feeling a bit sluggish.  Yesterday, Saturday, I turned myself inside out on an indoor trainer ride it felt like.  Ten minutes of warmup.  5x1 minute tough effort with 1 minute RBI followed by 4x7 really tough with 2 minute RBI.  That last seven minute set I am particularly proud of.  I just never really know going into a trainer ride if I can crank up the output as desired, I just never know but yesterday's workout while hard was definitely solid quality. 

Particularly proud of that left seven minute interval.  I couldn't ride a real bike that hard though as I had my eyes closed and was bearing down with all I had and maxed my HR out at 173.
Today's run was okay.  Just cold and snowy.  I think we have a few days of that ahead of us yet so any riding at least for the most of the next week will have to be indoors.

Totals for the week and since it was a recovery week I didn't do as much.  11:04 total, 7:14 running and 3:50 on the bike which was a mix of indoor and outdoor riding.

I am so ready for summer!

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  1. love Breaking Away and now need to watch on the Edge. You are going to rip it up this year. Now you know what to expect and can adjust your training to make it even better:) Can't wait to hit the trails with you this summer.