Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thursday, May 1. April's Numbers

First, I can not believe that it is actually May 1.  31 more days and we are officially halfway through the  year... Crazy.

Today I was able to ride outside for the first time in what seems like forever.  I discovered earlier this week on a drive/walk with Asia up to the gate on 82 towards Independence Pass that a good chunk of the road past the gate is actually clear so that is what I rode today.  Basically made it up to and around  Lincoln Gulch.  That was where the snow and ice seemed to start becoming constant on the road and where I turned around. With the temps that we will be getting the next week or so that road should clear a lot in the next few days.  I hope to ride 82 East of town quite a bit before they open it to motor vehicles around the end of the month.

April turned into a pretty solid month.  40:30 hours of running with a total of 240 miles, and 24 hours of riding total.  A good many of the hours riding were indoors, at least the last two weeks.    64.5 hours total for the month compared to 51 hours last April. 

Long rides the next two days with a long run on Sunday.  I am finally feeling recovered from two weeks ago so I am actually looking forward to the next three days.  Since the weather is going to be nice and in the 60's I am even more excited.

I reconnoitered Woody Creek road today with the Jeep and it seems to be clear for quite a ways.  That's on tap for tomorrow.  Should be fun!  

Pro Cycling in Colorado Springs called me yesterday to remind me that I have a seat post on order for the Trek and to tell me that it will be on back order until mid May.  I then asked if my rebuilt rear shock had been returned to them by FOX yet?  Nope... Of course they didn't realize I was waiting for other parts and they still have my bike.  So I am guessing I won't get it until later in May.  I am SO grateful that I have the Cannondale for a backup otherwise I'd sorta be hosed now.  No rush right now but as the trails and 4wd trails open up I will be glad to have the full suspension again. 

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