Saturday, May 10, 2014

Going when you really don't want to.

It's not a 20 miler, it's four five x five miles!
The last thing I wanted to do today was run.  Well, that isn't entirely accurate.  The running part, the physical act I was okay with.  It was the time spent outside in the elements, etc, that brain was screaming in revolt over.

The plan called for 15-20 miles.  No biggie really.  Of course a plan calling for 15-20 miles reads to me like "15 miles if you want to be a pussy... 20 miles is really the target."  That is how my mind works and there is really no negotiating... the plan said 15-20, but in reality, it's a 20 miler.

But back to the issue.  I didn't want to.  Lucho once told me that if there is ever a workout that I don't like to let him know and we would work around it.  Really there aren't any workouts that I don't like or like more than others, rather it is the conditions that I have to do the workouts in that I take exception to mostly.  I'm older but I don't mind suffering on bike for hours... but I do mind suffering on a bike for hours, or running for that matter being cold and or wet.

Fortunately though the weather here today was not as bad as they were calling for.  I guess that will come later.  But the duration of the run it was cool, windy and very grey.

I wanted to keep today's run as flat as possible and on as much dirt or softer surfaces as I could. I also didn't want to be out for an extended period of time leaving Asia in her kennel too long.  So I decided on two ten mile segments.  At first I thought up towards Independence Pass and back to the apartment, check on Asia, then down the Rio Grand Trail and back up.  But as I was getting ready this morning I decided to switch the two segments around.  Down the Rio Grand and back first, then out 82 and back for the second part.  It meant I would have more of headwind coming home and finishing the last five, but it also allowed me to get the more boring/mind-raping segment done and over with first.

But here is where the Jedi mind trick comes in.  Or call it a coping mechanism if you will.  When it came down to it, there was no way I could mentally do a twenty mile run today.  It wasn't going to happen.  But... I could easily do four runs of five miles though.  So that is what I did, just broke it down into four segments.  Five out, five back.  Five out, five back.

The first two segments (ten miles) were relatively easy.  The second part of the run today though took work.  I had to run five more miles away from the apartment before I could head back.  I also could have just went out 2.5 miles and came back and did the 15 mile option but as I explained earlier, that was not happening.

The neat thing about this trick is eventually I sort of trick my mind into thinking that I am only doing a 15 mile run.  Just make it to mile 15 then the last five, running back home will just take care of itself, because after all, I am headed back home and to the end of the run for the day.  It's always easier running back home I think.

So anyway... that's how I got today done.  When I didn't want to. Glad it is over! :)

Kicking around running the Aspen Backcountry Marathon on June 28th.  It's two weeks after the Leadville Marathon and two weeks before the Leaville 50 MTB.  If it fits into the plan it might be fun to do.  I know parts of the course already and I can say it's not a slouch of a marathon by a long shot.  Next weekend I am doing one of their group training runs on Saturday, a 21 miler that I am guessing will go over a bit of the course too.  I am looking forward to the training run.  I will wait though before registering for the Marathon to see what the weather forecast is and also what the actual trail conditions might be as well.  Still a lot of snow tucked in the timber on north facing slopes yet under 9K. 

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