Thursday, April 3, 2014

That Sucked Perfectly!

Slept in this morning.  I had a hunch the weather was crappy so I was just in no hurry to face the day.  I had checked outside last night and saw that the front sidewalk was wet from rain so it was clear the forecasters were right in regards to the precipitation we might be getting.

Well, we got it.  I could tell even before looking outside this morning that the world was covered in a blanket of white.  A few inches on the ground already and it was still snowing hard and being pushed by a very stout wind out of the north.  Sometimes I am happier when the weather people are wrong.  Sometimes.

I really didn't want to put the run off to this afternoon as I have other plans and appointments so I figured the best thing to do was to get going, get dressed to go and get it done and over with.  I had some options to choose from for my run today but given the conditions I just chose to do 13 at MAF and just keep it at that.  6.5 miles out... 6.5 miles back. 

But not all bad weather days make for bad running days and today was one of the good running days in bad weather. Why?  The wind was steady and predictable so it was easy to pick a route to manage that in order to have most of a tailwind home.  The temps, while cold, especially in the wind were not that brutal.  The snow wasn't that deep in spots and really most of the trails were clear and while there was plenty of standing water it wasn't that muddy yet. 

Days like today work for me though because they are quiet for the most part.  The snow muffles and absorbs sounds which adds a certain peace to the experience.  But for me and my antisocial tendencies the best thing about days like today... Yup... no people!  In my entire 13 miles I only saw two other people (runners) and they were on the opposite side of the stream bed, a couple hundred yards away, and going in the opposite direction.  NICE!  It just turns the run into more of an internal and personal experience.  I am dressed in layers and in a warm little bubble and I can stay within that and just be comfortable without the BS of the outer world invading the experience. 

I don't always enjoy solitude, and I will never be a hermit, but days like today click for me.  And even though I am completely over running and training in winter weather today was still sort of a treat.

Don't get me wrong though... I would have much rather had it in the 70's and wearing shorts and t-shirt!  :)

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