Thursday, November 1, 2012

And there goes October.

Wow... I flipped the calendar over today and was greeted by the most beautiful pitbull puppy ever... well after Asia of course.  It is now November. Holy Crap.

For those who like to constantly ride my ass about running too much and not taking any time off please allow me to submit October's humble numbers.  I ran 148 miles and I biked, 92.  That's it!  And to be clear, I don't expect the numbers to rise much higher for November.

After that, I have no clue as to what circle of hell regarding training volume and intensity I will be in but I am sure it will epic.

Yesterday, Wednesday, I ran up N. Cheyenne Canyon during the day as I took half the day off.  It was nice to do that run again and not have to worry about it getting dark and it was really warm out.  I tried to run it rather conservative but push a little at the same time.  4.12 miles from the bottom to the top of the Columbine Trail and my splits per mile were 11:41, 15:23, 11:25 and 11:57.  Note: The second mile has the most ridiculous elevation gain of all of the miles (600 feet) and the last mile is actually 1.12 miles or so...  Anyway, I ran it just three minutes slower than my race time two years ago and that was just a day after a tough track workout.  I expect that I will do okay this weekend in the Canyon Race.  Still nothing great but decent.

After all, my goal race is now three weeks away.  It feels sort of dorky to be telling people that I am training for a 5K but there it is.  JT has been great in giving me pointers the past few weeks and also on how to handle the next three.  It was his idea to use the Canya Canyon and the FS IV races as opportunities to go out "stupid fast" and blow up and just make them hard speed workouts.   I still have to be believe that unless my 800 times come down a bit more the next two weeks a PR is going to be damned hard to come by unless I get that significant of a boost from the lower altitude and the fast/reasonably flat course.  I mean crap... I ran an 18:49 last year and I was the 36th Men's finisher but also 3rd in my age group... talk about a tough crowd.

The speed work this fall has been tough but fun in a way.  It all makes me tired but a different kind of tired than I am used to.  Speed work makes me weight lifting or "bodybuilding" tired.  Where you are absolutely forced to sleep and lay in bed until the body is really awake on it's own and can get up by itself.  You know, having to wait until you are naturally awake?  It is that kind of  tired and requires that kind of sleep and rest for adequate recovery.

Oh, and on recovery, I can say that FINALLY I think that last week, 9.5 weeks post LT100 I am finally 100% back.  I wonder if my little 50K  jaunt with Ben back in September hurt or  helped my cause?

Lastly... we went up to Boulder last night for Halloween and to visit friends.  It was a fun time.  We wondered around the Pearl Street Mall a bit... talk about a show, and wandered into this imported foods shop.  I only have one question....  WTF is this stuff????

What is it and should it really even go into a microwave???
Happy November.

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