Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday (No Track)

No track today.  That is as first since the Tuesday after Leadville.  I did the Red Mountain run last night and my lungs protested violently... all night... until I dosed up on NyQuil and then I slept like the DEAD.

No running today at all.  I am going to wait until I don't feel that whatever it is in my chest and I stop coughing.  I don't want a repeat of last spring where I had this crud for a month or so.  I was still productive this evening though.  I did ride the bike on the track stand and I did do a weight workout which required me to re-baseline all of my weight bars, etc.  It felt good to do something.

More Paleo research today and I have decided that I want to wait until Monday to start it.  This way I have the weekend to splurge and Monday is typically the start of a training week and will also be the start of my Leadman training officially so might as well kick it all off at once.

To be honest I am actually excited.  I am curious to see how my weight changes in December.  I always try to lose weight and gain fitness most years between Thanksgiving and New Year's so that will be part of my focus in December.  They say the average American gains like 5 lbs every holiday seaoson, year after year, that they really don't lose... I am always wanting to buck that trend.

Speaking of weight and Americans... I saw this video yesterday.  Hear that sound?  That is the sound of the bar lowering even more folks.   They state that Americans are actually more accepting now, blah, blah, blah... no I just think that we are more lazy and have just given up more.  Anyway you can see the story here on ABC News.

But then again, life is full of trade-offs!

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