Monday, November 26, 2012

Where you be at?

Just thought that I would check in just in case anyone was missing me or wondering where I was.  I'd hate to keep the four people who read my blog in suspense.

Went to MD last week for Thanksgiving and all I can say is that I was physically a wreck by the time we got  there.  Completely and thoroughly exhausted.   As if that wasn't bad enough I didn't get much sleep at all the first seventy two hours that we were there either.  The schedule just did not allow for it.  The upside is that I felt a hell of a lot better and rested by the end of the week.

So... the Turkey Trot... yeah that... well, I had a total blow up.  I got a new mile PR for the first mile but that was it.  Between being so damned tired and my "system" just not processing things correctly for a few days and allergy drainage, I started coughing about mile 1.4 and then started to purge a little.  Again, an upside... I recovered and fell in behind Melissa without her knowing I was there for the last half of the 5K and just followed (or stalked) her to the finish.  It really was cool to run behind her as SHE at least got a new PR.  I kept my mouth shut so she would not know that I was back there and figured if I had to say something I would.... nope... she ran it perfect and had a super strong finish.

We saw Skyfall when we were in MD and it was okay.  I think that Casino Royal is still my favorite Danial Craig, Bond movie... But this was good.  I do like the fact that they showed an aging and slightly more human and mortal Bond for a change.

We are fostering a new dog, Reggie.  He is a trip.  Completely underweight and he is at 70lbs.  He is 2.5 years old and just as mellow as he can be.  He and Roxy are hitting it off okay, Asia is being a pretentious brat though.  Reggie has glommed onto me though and will not let me out of his sight.  I wanted to rename him to Peter for Peter Pumpkinhead because his gourd is so damned huge.  This morning I awoke to him perching his head on the bed and just staring at me.  He needs some work... I don't  think he was abused at all but definitely neglected as there are some basic skills he needs work on.  But as far as potential is concerned if someone has a strong personality and the time to work with him and nurture him I bet he would be one super awesome sweet dog.  It will be interesting to see what he ends up weighing in a week after sleeping a lot, exercise and a lot of good food and treats.

This is Reggie.  If anyone is interested in him please let me know and or contact All Breed Rescue and Training.
Reggie and I did go to the IC run yesterday but we did something different.  I could see everyone trudging up hill one on UPT and I was damned glad that I was not in that group.  I really don't like that trail and that hill in particular, up or down.

Definitely planning on transitioning to a more Paleo based diet next week.  I have done a lot of research and except for the "processed" part... I think that the Paleo diet and Atkins maintenance phases are very similar.  My weight fucking skyrocketed when we were in MD and that was before the race even AND that was after really not eating a whole lot.  Actually I was good in MD but my weight balooned anyway... If I am to take this Leadman effort seriously I do feel that I need to give it all that I have and truly cleaning up my diet for good is warranted I think.

Speaking of Leadman... Tim and I meet (teleconference) on Thursday and I guess that we launch on the first... personally right now I feel as if I am completely detrained and out of shape so I am looking forward to working again.   I think that if I have proven or learned anything this fall it is that I am not one of those runners who can maintain fitness and strength with just a few short but intense workouts per week... I think I need that base of high mileage and that is what works best overall for both speed and endurance.  I could be wrong but that is how it feels. 

That kinda sums it all up.  Happy Monday!

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