Monday, November 5, 2012

Will it really be over tomorrow?

Finally tomorrow is election day and I can not wait.  I have been holding my breath for weeks now it seems waiting for it.  I am excited to vote as usual and I am interested in seeing the results but more than that I just hope that it ends and this country returns to some sense of sanity and quickly.

I have been a life-long Republican.  A child of Reagan if you will.  I was raised on the ideals of blood and guts and it being my duty to defend this country to my last.  I will say that never before in my life have I been more ashamed of the party as I am now and ashamed of America in turn.

But it is on both sides, this extreme polarization, it is crazy! There is no common sense anymore.  There is no middle ground.  Either you are a gun toting, right to life, gay-hating, racist, angry, god-worshiping white person, or you are a dirty, lazy, dependent on handouts, family-value-erroding, way-too-tolerant, PBS watching, baby-killing/pro-choice pussy.

I hope that once this election is over that everyone can just drop it and get on with the healing of this nation as Americans and not an us vs. them kind of deal anymore.  And when I say us vs. them, it is in the context of, "I have seen the enemy and it is us."

I was never a fan of the current administration but I support it.  Personally I think that if given a chance for a second term that President Obama could possibly go down as one of the greatest presidents of all times after Ronald Reagan of course.  Is the executive branch infallable?  No.  But I do appreciate having a president that I can trust, is not just the mouth piece for corporations and other backers, does not sully our lives with tales of stained blue dresses and who just seems human.  The president has not invaded countries looking for WMD's that just seem to disappear nor does he sit idly when we can strike and have a tactical or strategic advantage against those who would do us harm.

Not to mention the fact that President Obama has publicly denounced the Kardashian's and refuses to allow them to air on his family TV.   That deserves my vote!

What I fear... tomorrow will not be the end.  Due to issues in Florida (cause they can't ever get an election right) issues with mail in ballots and problems with people impacted by Sandy to get to the polls it may take weeks or months for the election to finally sort itself out.  What can happen in those months especially with all of the frustration, anger and malicious attitudes between everyday Americans now?  This country needs to begin healing and it needs to begin it yesterday.

I will say that the one saving grace to the 2012 election may just be this... given the attitudes, political climate and just general behavior and downward trend of this country's standards, morals and ethics as a whole, unless things change and change quickly this could very well be our last non-violent, bloodless election in history.

As I told Melissa yesterday and I believe this to be true and part of the problem of this nation is that it way to easy for people to just believe in things than to think for themselves and use reason and to form their own thoughts and opinions. Extremism in either direction has always scared the hell out of me and anymore that fear is more and more present in my life.

Just one more day... I hope.


  1. This is brilliant.

  2. Just search for 'riot' on Twitter and watch what comes up.

    We are not too far away from another civil war if you ask me - if interest rates ever rise and we default on our debt I think we might very easily break into red versus blue countries.

    Every child born today has over $200,000 of debt on their head. We have 35% more debt per person than Greece has.

  3. I agree with everything especially the last paragraph. I like your new blog design as well.