Thursday, November 15, 2012

Seven More Days!

Just a week left until my 5K in Maryland.  I have to say that I truly feel like a jackass when I tell people that I am actually training for a 5K.  The usual response is shock, then the inevitable question regarding if you can run 100 miles, why are you training for 5K?  It confuses a lot of people... hell it even confuses me some but be that as it may, in a week it is over with.

Yesterday I finalized my training plans for between now and the race.  Last night was a fast 5 mile run which will have to explain.  Today, Thursday will be track and I am going to do 200's for something different.  Friday, rest.  Saturday a 5K time trial here in Colorado.  Sunday, a 30 minute tempo run.  Monday, 2 miles.  Tuesday is a travel day so no running and Wednesday will be a day off as well.  Thursday race... I plan to do some warm up running before the 5K and I know they guy who I am going to try to stick with during the race as part of my strategy so really, now, the stage is set.  As of right now the weather forecast for next Thursday is looking good there too. 

Prediction... I will go under 20... under 19?  I don't know.  If I can get under 18:49 I will be ecstatic.

Last night I ran from the COG up to the top of the Ws' in 30:32.  I think that is a PR for me.  Again, a sign things are looking good for next week.

The Fall Series is finally over thank god.  FSIV went okay for me... I was consistent I think with the rest of my other runs in the series... held my own but still slower than last year.  I am hoping that does not signify anything for next week's race.  I sort of held back on Sunday not knowing what the course was going to do, always anticipating at least two additional climbs and just being safe on the rocky trail.  The biggest thing that I learned this year doing the Fall Series is that I am an idiot.  Later on Sunday I was thinking that there was no way I would run the series again next year and I was going to tell the whole world that then I realized it would be a lie... I'm an idiot and in August it will all sound fun and like a good idea all over again and I will be more than happy to lay my money down for the registration... idiot.  This year's series also did nothing to boost my self-confidence... I was 15th in my age-group for the series and if I were in the bracket above or below me, I would have been in the top 10.... weird, huh?

Baffled on how we are nine days post-election and the bullshit still endures...  I did not vote for Romney but I am starting to feel sorry for him.  Seems like the grand old party is throwing him under the bus for losing the election as he did not prove to represent the party as a viable candidate.  Personally I tend to see if the other way around... the party, the beliefs, the crazies, etc... all of that came to represent Romney...  Seriously... at this point if you are still bitching about the election, finger-pointing, etc, you have to be more a part of the overall problem than than contributing to any solution.  Remember, you are an American before belonging to any party.  I am truly amazed by all of the conspiracy postings about the elections from peeps that I generally consider to possess an above average intelligence.  More craziness...

Speaking of intelligence... This reminds me of the whole Petraeus situation.  He should have remembered the number one rule on information security.  "Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead." Benjamin Franklin.

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