Sunday, February 2, 2014

5th Annual Antisuperbowl Run to Barr Camp

This was my run today but instead of starting at the Barr Trail Trailhead, I ran from my house to Barr Trail, up to Barr Camp then back down to the trailhead and got a ride home from Phil Goulding, the guy who started this run five years ago.  Today was supposed to be a 20 mile run but I ended up getting in about 21 and change.

I started out slow from the beginning when I left the house.  My running vest was loaded to the max and I even had fanny pack on to make sure I would have everything I needed for the run.  I didn't really feel tired starting out but after slogging through the snow through Sonderman Park and up to the top of the Mesa I was starting to feel fatigued.

I made it through Garden of the Gods and on to Manitou but things still weren't going great but things were going nevertheless.  I was still moving, slowly but steadily.  My heart rate was not really going that high and my speed was slower than normal but the pace and level of effort matched up.

I put on my Microspikes at the trail head and started up.  With the snow and the fatigue, running wasn't going to happen so I settled into a steady power hike which worked.  I realized this was just quintessential ultra training.  The kind of runs where you start tired, have to cover a lot of distance, don't feel great, but you just put your head down and  get it done.  This was definitely turning into one of those.  I made Barr Camp in what I would gauge would be an average time given the conditions so I was pretty happy.

Since I started ahead of Phil I had some time to sit by the far at Barr Camp and wait but I didn't have to wait for long.  I dried my socks and shoes and hat and gloves the best I could before we headed down after we had both eaten some and were thawed out.

The run down was awesome.  My new 200 lumens headlamp is the shit!  I was dead-assed beat when I got to Barr Camp but the break did wonders and I was able have a great run back down the trail.  Oddly enough it didn't feel nearly as cold running down as it had going up.  I guess the fresh dry layers made a huge difference, even it was only five degrees.  

It was a good end to a solid week.  13:56 training time for the week.  10:49 running and 3:07 on the bike.  The bike is lighter than it should be but the three rides were intense indoor rides on a trainer rather than outside so I think it's a wash.  With the weather forecasted for this week, I am guessing I will be riding indoors all week again.  Definitely going to get my money's worth for that gym membership! 

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