Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday In Aspen

Today was Melissa's surgery day for her torn left ACL which she jacked up on the 31st of January while skiing.  Everything went well and she is sleeping at home now.  Actually the apartment is a weird kind of quiet.  Asia is sleeping on the loveseat next to me and the TV is on mute.  Melissa has her first PT appointment on Wednesday.  I didn't know it before but they used tissue from a cadaver, a donor, for the reconstruction.  For some reason I thought they used something synthetic.  Anyway, just another reason for me to be fired up for tissue and organ donation awareness.

Feeling pretty tired today.  It's been a long day but I think I am a bit wiped from yesterday's run and last week's volume.  No, the truth is yesterday's run kicked my butt and I am definitely feeling it.  I walked to the Post Office this afternoon and the little hill back to the apartment felt like Everest.  It will be a fun week up here training though.  I get to do two indoor riding sessions which means I get to check out the Aspen Recreation Center for the first time.

This company had a listing in the Aspen Times for a job opening today.  It is for a tech support position.  I sent them a cover letter and updated resume after asking around about the company and doing some research.  Could be an interesting gig.  I hope to at least get an interview out of it.

More showings on the house in Colorado Springs today.  I got the feedbacks in my email but just deleted them.  I really don't give a crap about why people are not interested in buying the house.  Buying property is almost completely an emotional decision where logic and reason don't really apply in the grand scheme of things. If people see it and don't like it well it isn't what they are looking for, period.  I figure the person who makes me an offer will do so for the same reasons I decided to buy it, location, convenience, extra income, and it's a cool space to live in.  I read the first couple of feedbacks and actually got bent out of shape and took things a little personal I guess.  It's a 105 year old home... it's not a McMansion, so don't bitch about what it isn't and doesn't have.  :)

The last home that I sold the buyers were real jerks and in hindsight I often regret not telling them to bugger off and keep the home and then sell it to someone else later on.   I hope that I am excited and enthusiastic about whoever buys this property and that in the end I feel like my home is getting a good home. 

And lastly... I have found a great source for MAP online.  I have purchased through this company via Amazon a lot but have found it to be even cheaper on their own website.  $34 dollars a bottle without having to buy in bulk is a pretty good deal!


  1. Ooh, triple strength Estro Block is cheap too! Good find!

    1. With that and some Midol and you should be in good shape JT! :)