Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday - Rest Day. Not Really.

The timeline now looks like this for the next few days... Mark the carpet cleaner comes on Wednesday morning and the photographer for my realtor comes on Thursday to take pics.

With the exception of cleaning the laundry room, everything on the main level is about as clean as it can get before the carpets get done.  Tomorrow I plan to do something (C4 comes to mind) to my basement office and straighten up Annie's area upstairs some.

But today was a productive day.  Basically I knocked out the majority of the work but I had my old cleaning lady who used to clean for me come by and focus on the kitchen and the bathroom.  When she was done cleaning the bathroom I walked in and was blinded as she had it all so shiny and clean.

Melissa called when Lori and I were cleaning to check in...

Melissa:  So why didn't you ever have a cleaning lady while I was there?
Andy: (after a good three-five second pause) How is your knee honey?
Melissa: Uh Huh... 

I am guessing the house will be on the market come Monday at the latest.  I am asking $250K for both the house and the cottage.  Not a bad deal considering you could rent the cottage out alone for  $700 - $800 a month.  If I get $240K I will be quite happy.  I just hope for quick sell and be done with it.

Lori told me today that if I called Platte Furniture that they would send someone over and they would pretty much buy all of my furniture, decorative stuff, wall hangings, art, whatever.  Not only that, they will pay me cash on the spot and move it all out of there.  I will probably be calling them later this week to see what we can do.   I don't expect to get a lot of money for all of the stuff, a couple pieces are really nice but having them just take it all off of my hands really appeals to me.

Anyway, a day off from training but I worked my ass off and I still have tons to do.  Tomorrow is a riding day so I am sure I will be in the gym on the spinning bike looking at the weather they are predicting.  The irony is that one of the reasons I wanted to be here in the springs these next few weeks instead of Aspen was so that I could get some riding in.  Guess I figured that one wrong.

Dismantling one's life is a lot of freaking work.
Except for coming back for a closing, which I might not even really have to do I expect to be out of the springs 100% no later than the end of March.  Wow. 

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