Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wednesday's Ride or 33 Degrees

JT sent me a text this morning asking if I wanted to ride up Cheyenne Canyon after work.  I responded with a three page manifesto of a text citing why that was not a good idea.  I had already resigned myself to riding indoors at the gym this afternoon after taking care of errands and other business.

My afternoon schedule blew up completely and I had to make it home to check on Asia since I had been gone so long.  I called JT on my way out to the Jeep after my last stop and told him that I was in and asked where he wanted to meet and when.  It basically gave me enough time to get something quick to eat, head home, check on Asia and get all my stuff ready in order to meet him at five downtown to start our ride.

It was really a nice change of pace to be riding outside regardless of the temps.  Once we got to the canyon and started up the cold really wasn't a factor.  The way back though on Lower Gold Camp things were a bit sketchy.  Lots of ice so we couldn't go fast and since we weren't working that hard anymore the cold began to creep in.

For some reason my right foot reacted to the cold more than my left.  A couple of times I stopped to stomp my feet to get the blood flowing.  Then after awhile my hands got cold and that really wasn't fun.  It was then that I remembered the gloves that I used to wear last winter over my cycling gloves for added warmth.... they were at home of course.

We parted ways at 26th and Colorado and I hammered it home and was able to warm up some more.  Really it wasn't that bad.  It was damned cold up on Gold Camp, I know that but the weather channel when I got home said it was only 33 degrees out.  Still damned cold to be riding in the dark without the warmth of the sun.  At least it wasn't windy.

It was still great to ride though.  The Cannondale did great and I have to say that I think I have the fit dialed in 100% now.  The rest of the week is run, ride, run, run, and Friday should definitely be a better day to ride than today. 

Melissa will be here this weekend and definitely looking forward to that! 

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