Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Not A Lot Going On Running Wise

The weather of the past week has really let the air of my training efforts.  I haven't ridden a bike outside in weeks and this week doesn't look all that favorable either.  I bailed on my run yesterday because I just could not get myself to embrace three to four hours in the cold and fog.  I said it before, I had much better training weather last winter. 

So not much happening on the running front but a lot of other things going on.  My house is for sale and it went on the market on Friday.  The entire week leading up to that was spent cleaning, organizing, and getting rid of more stuff.   Today I took my CD collection and all of the DVD's that we decided to get rid of to Independent Records on Platte.  It will take them a couple of days to sort through them all before they let me know what all they want to buy.   Today, a rep from Platte Furniture is coming to appraise all of the furniture that I want to get rid of.

Supposed to ride today but don't want to.  No doubt it will be an indoors workout. 

I am also selling my camcorder if anyone is interested.  This stuff has to go! 

It all sort of sounds boring but trust me, right now life is anything but!  :)

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