Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wednesday - February 5th

You know it's bad when I have to ride an indoor training bike. You know it's a really, really bad day when I break down and do a run indoors on a treadmill.  All of my good cold weather running gear is in Aspen but even if I had it here I don't think that I would have gone out today.  The conditions just aren't optimal for a productive workout.  Period.

So I went to the gym and ran at MAF for an hour.  It sucked.  I had to hold a 7:40 pace on the treadmill pretty much to keep my HR in the 140-145 range. It said that I ran 7.75 miles but I don't trust treadmill readings.  It definitely worked me.  Leg turnover was definitely faster than my usual plodding pace outdoors.

I had a client call last night at seven and after that I quit for the day.  I decided my time would be best spent by eating dinner, watching Archer, and just relaxing for a few.  I got a good night's sleep and was up and at it at six this morning and was able to get everything that I wanted to get done before Mark, my carpet cleaning guy got here.

Mark (On Cue Carpet Cleaning 719.290.7925) has been doing my carpets here for as long as I remember and I highly recommend him.  He is a good guy and works independently.  I told him that I was moving and selling the house and he asked me how much I was selling it for.  I told him to guess as I wanted to see what he thought a realistic value for the house and cottage would be on the market and I'll be damned if he didn't get it right in there.  That really boosts my confidence about selling this place now.  There are still some damp spots on the carpet so I am still waiting before putting everything back.

Photos tomorrow then it goes on the market.  I hope it is a quick sell.

I read this article last night.  Basically this guy gave up his career and all that came with it for a higher quality of life.  It definitely resonated with me in regards to where I am right now.  While I do have stress about the future I can honestly say the relief of shedding a lot of the parts of my job outweighs any of that "worry stuff."  I am definitely looking forward to having a more simple yet higher quality of life.  That is what excites me.

But this weather blows monkey nuts... seriously.  I was very fortunate last winter that I was not impacted so much in my Leadman training due to weather.  I can think of only a few days maybe that we had to switch things around but never was I forced indoors for more than week.   I'd be a little pissed right now if I were really trying to train for something and having to deal with this weather.  I'm lucky because right now I am just training to start training next month.  I can miss a day and it won't kill me.

However, I did think today while I was running on the treadmill that it will be very important for me through this transition of moving and building my business to stay consistent with running and riding like I always have in an effort to help keep me grounded.  It is my way of taking care of myself first I guess.

Tomorrow is an indoor riding day.  Lovely.

At least I'm not bored!

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  1. Yeah, I AM really pissed right now - I think this is the last time I'll train for something big in the spring living in Colorado (and the crappy cold I got isn't helping any). I'm thinking of taking up knitting next winter.

    Good to hear things are plugging along nicely.