Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Pretty Good Week

Training wise the volume isn't high but it definitely is solid. 3:39 on the bike (Mostly Indoors) and 5:32 running.  Between the workout on the trainer Friday which was akin to doing leg presses, then the 12 mile progression run yesterday, today's 15 miler was a chore.  I knew within 30 seconds of starting out that it was going to be a long slog today.  But hey, it's mid February and both yesterday and today I wore shorts running and was quite comfortable so I'll take it.

Melissa has been here since yesterday so the focus has been on, wait for it... more purging.  More stuff has gone into the dumpster and other stuff piled up to go to the ARC.  Yesterday I sold all of the window unit AC's that I had on Craigslist.  I still have a nagging feeling that when it comes time to bail and get out of town I am still going to have too much stuff to move.   Tomorrow I will refocus on the garage.  I spent an hour in there on Friday and really didn't feel like I got much done even though I did.  

Today we more or less gutted the laundry room and cleaned it out as well.  That was not an easy job.  I also emptied my old steamer trunk which had decades of memorabilia in it.  I think I kept two things, a pocket knife and something that Annie had made for me when she was in preschool. Oh and the medal that I won for the K1 downriver race at FIBArk 1998.  Still don't know how I pulled that off as it was my first and only downriver kayak race ever.   

A good week running and riding and a lot of progress made around the house.  A few more weeks like this would be great.

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