Monday, August 26, 2013

Still Recovering

Had an interesting weekend just hanging out here around the house and in town.  Went for a short ride in Palmer Park on Saturday just messing around on the trails there and it was okay.  Sunday I was definitely itching to go run but somehow managed to thwart that idea.  Instead I went for another ride, this one longer.  Up through the Mesa, GOG, Red Rocks, up and over High Drive and back via Lower Gold Camp, Red Rocks again and then a straight shot home through OCC.

But I am feeling the bug to run again like I said.  Regardless I am going to stick to my plan and wait until next weekend at least before I start again.  Even then I plan to keep it light for a bit.  Just get the legs moving again.  I will be in Aspen from this Wednesday until next Wednesday so I guess my first run will be up there exploring the local trails.

I also plan to take a bike up with me and ride a lot too.

Along with my renewed interest in running I am now starting to look forward to the JFK50 in November now.  I just don't have any idea at this point how I will train for it.  I still don't have a plan.  I will sit down and map it out in a couple weeks probably.

In other news... trying to prevent the typical fall/post LT100 weight gain I slowly got my diet back to 90%+ Paleo last week.  It isn't just post race weigh though... I went into the Marathon in June a touch heavier than I had planned and since that went well enough I said screw my weight pretty much all summer after that.  I didn't go crazy but I was way more lenient than I could have been.  But again, I just  ran my fastest Leadville EVER weighing in just two lbs lighter than my first and slowest finish in 2010 when I was my heaviest.  Go figure...   I've made friends with the juicer once again and have been using it almostly twice daily the past few days. 

Today is the first day for students at Aspen High School.  Can't wait to hear from Melissa how today went.  And of course can't wait to get up there later in the week.  We haven't seen each other since last Monday when we all left Leadville.

Today is also Annie's first day of classes in FOCO for her sophomore year.  Haven't seen her since last week either! She's taking 17 hours... AND she got a job at Northern Colorado Rehab Hospital on top of that.  The kid is gonna be BUSY!  I plan on going up there in a couple of weeks or so to see her in her new apartment there.

Started reading this book last night.  So far so good.  If you know ANYTHING about Pit Bulls, you will definitely relate to this book. 

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