Thursday, August 1, 2013

July's Training Numbers

Well, July is done... Rather than write out the totals, you can see the pretty pie charts below.

That total amount of running miles for the month I have to be honest has me a bit concerned.
But regardless of the miles, it is obvious that I put in a lot of time in July.
Not sure about the total elevation gains as I am too lazy to do the math right now... Hell, just making the pretty pictures above was labor... anyway, the vertical on the bike, let's call it 50K and the vertical running is around 34K feet.  I do know that flat terrain seemed very rare in July.

Motivation is low this week.  Not just motivation but energy overall.  Tuesday's run was rough for most of it until right at the end and the same for yesterday's bike.  I don't know if it is part of the taper or what but right now most things just feel off.

Today is move in day for Melissa.   Or move out, depending on how you look at it.  She is off to Aspen this morning to start moving into the apartment there.  I found out this week that I am NOT getting laid off in this next round so I am going to be hanging out here for a few months or so yet.  I plan to volunteer for the next round of lay offs as well.  Take my package, rent out the house and scoot... that's the 30,000 foot overview at least.  My new motto in life is "I'd rather shovel shit in Aspen than eat shit in Colorado Springs."

Monday is my 24th anniversary of arriving here from Germany.  24 years!  That's a legal drinking age plus three years... time to go.

On a good note, my latest business idea is underway and I have my first client already.  Pretty cool.  I hope to relocate this business to Aspen once I am there myself.  I'll talk more about that later as right now it really isn't a legal entity yet... And the whole Aspen move, what I am doing with my life, etc, is just a lot to really write down and sort out now and I want to focus on that here when I can fully explain it all at a later date.

Headed up to Leadville this weekend.  I am SO sick of rain... 

I need a nap.

Been saving this gem for a rainy day and well, since most days anymore are rainy... here ya go.


  1. 124 miles? My God, how in the world will you ever pull off 15 min pace at Leadville? #MilesAreOverrated

  2. No kidding right? It's the new approach butting up against the old beliefs kind of thing. I know I have plenty of time on feet and a shit ton of elevation gain so the miles are somewhat inconsequential, especially after adding it up to the bike numbers. So far the less is more approach, high quality vs. high volume method is working so I shouldn't sweat it I know. As a side note, I was completely empathizing with your post during my ride yesterday... #miserylovescompany :)