Friday, August 16, 2013

Here we go again. Again.

Pre-race briefing this morning.  I imagine if I go to it someday and I don't get emotional anymore it is either becuase I am dead or it is just time to walk away.  Ken Chlouber handed the reigns for doing doing to the sermon to his son Cole today and Cole did an awesome job.

Right now just hanging out in the room at the B&B playing on the computer and relaxing.  My right knee has had some little irritating ache in it all week.  It is intermittent, doesn't seem to effect my running so I think it will be okay.  I don't expect it to get worse and I expect plenty of other things to be hurting that it doesn't even register after awhile.  I did buy a knee brace for insurance.

Past that I am 98% ready I think.  All of my clothes and gear are placed out for me and later tonight I will tape my feet before bed.  It will be an early night for certain.  How much sleep I get though will be a different question.

I saw the Leadman finisher jacket at race HQ when I checked in yesterday.  That thing is sweet!  $150 for it but it is nice.  After all of the $$ that I have sunk into this Leadman adventure I don't mind spending a little extra for the jacket.

So that's about all for that.  Nothing left to do now but get it over with.  Just 100 more miles.  Just.


  1. Congratulations on your incredible 100 and your well-deserved Leadman title. Looking forward to the post-race post!