Friday, August 23, 2013

Recovery... It's happening.

Everyone at the LT100 Run finish.  Lucho, Hawaiian Shirt Ray, Me, Melissa, Annie and Neeraj.  One hell of a team.
Today, Friday, is my first discomfort free day this week.  The left knee stopped hurting two days ago and the right knee seems solid today.  I still have the tweak in my lower left back from where I wrecked in the 100 bike but it will just take time for that muscle to work it out.  I am not concerned about it being a chronic condition or anything... just part of the process.

Post 100 race condition though I would have to say that I think I was in the deepest hole post-race than I have ever been in.  But I also seem to be bouncing back more quickly than ever at least physically.  I am still really fatigued and am what I would call low-grade tired all of the time.  The upside to that is that I have been sleeping GREAT every night this week.  I go to bed, start reading on the kindle then I am out within minutes.

Might try to get a ride in this weekend... nothing involved just get out and ride some trails for fun.  Probably ride the Cannondale as it is in good shape right now.  I am taking the Trek to Pro Cycling next week to have them give it a good once over before I start riding it in earnest this fall.  But I might not ride either... I might for once just sit on my ass and really force myself to continue resting.  But I am finding myself more and more interested in doing things now like riding or lifting so that is a good sign that I am bouncing back.

Still on the fence regarding the JFK50.  I am definitely NOT running in the Fall Series this year so if I had to guess I will start looking at the JFK a little more seriously within the next few weeks and start training for that.  I'd like to run the Canya Canon race if I find out when it is and if I am here and not in Aspen that weekend too.  No big goals for the JFK and no intense training for it either.  I will probably just turn the dial back a notch and just train at MAF exclusively for the race this fall and race that race in the same fashion.  It seemed to serve me well last week... might as well see how it does at a shorter distance.

But for now I am enjoying this break and that is my focus... just enjoying this break.    Wednesday night I finally felt good enough to take Asia for a long walk and enjoy a celebratory cigar.  Waited a long time for that one!

Leadman Trophy in one hand... Big Buckle in the other... Nice.


  1. It is a bit nuts for me to see that opening shot, and that it is the same coach, and then two of the guys live within 1000 yards of my house.

    Talked and ran with a prior year Leadman guy today. He is buying a burro.

    The world is small even without the internet.

    Hope we get to share some strides soon.

    Take the weekend off unless that itch burns.

    Live it man!

  2. The hardware is AWESOME!! Congratulations!

    I was nodding my head reading how the post-race just slammed you down. I felt the same way about SR; took me about 4 weeks until I got out of the doldrums, so I think it's pretty common. Glad you're feeling better!