Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Packing and getting things together for Leadville this weekend.  It is crazy all of the little odds and ends you have to get together for a race like this.  The weather forecast for Saturday looks to be about as perfect as you could hope for.  Cool in the morning, warm during the day but most importantly, no rain is predicted for Saturday or Saturday night. It makes for easier packing.

Can't ask for much more.
I'd be lying if I said that I felt 100% fresh and ready to go at this point because I am not.  I would have to say that I feel about where I did this time last week, and since I don't plan on being up all night tonight spewing out of both ends sick like last Wednesday, I think it will be another restful night.  But even with getting sick last week I went to the line feeling ready.  So I am confident in the next 72 hours I will get cranked up and ready to go.

Goals?  Finish.  During last week's ride I adjusted my expectations for the run but we will see.  Going for my fourth finish here so I've learned some things along the way to hopefully help cut some more time.  More than anything I just plan to keep it smooth and steady throughout the day and whatever speed that gives me will just be the speed that I have.  Just finish.  Can't risk blowing up going for the big buckle and then losing the Leadman Trophy in the end.  Gotta be smart.

Heading up tomorrow about noon, can't wait.


  1. Good luck this weekend ... just keep thinking how sweet it's going to say, "I'm a Leadman".

  2. Best of luck, man! Hope to see you out there...