Saturday, August 3, 2013


Home.  That is where I am today and for the rest of the weekend pretty much.  I can tell you that unless I sit here and look at a calendar and really think about it I can't tell you the last time I was just here...  seriously. 

Long story short... after Friday's run I was done. Done.  Done.  Done.  The only way I could have gone to Leadville this weekend or anywhere else for that matter would have had to be by plane because I sure as hell was not going to drive.  I said "uncle", I give in... time to just stop and do nothing.

After talking it out with Melissa and trying to come up with alternative plans we both agreed that I needed to just sit tight and rest and sleep.  Though I had been sleeping all week I never felt rested.  Hell, even during my runs I just wanted to sleep. 

Asia and I practicing the art of doing nothing on Friday night.
So that's what I did... I stayed home last night and went to sleep relatively early and I did not wake up until the glorious hour of 10:40 this morning.  And guess what?  I didn't feel 100% better than I have been feeling all week but I could tell that things were going in the right direction.

Plans for the day... nothing.  Get caught up around here.  I mowed and weed whacked which really needed to get done.  I even mowed the weeds in the parking area for the cottage in the back.

Fiddled with the bike before taking it to Pro Cycling.  They will set it up come Wednesday and it will be 100% race ready.
I took the Trek to Pro Cycling to get something checked out from when they worked on it last and now I have to take it back in on Tuesday so they can work on it Wednesday.  The tech there, Brian, isolated all of the noise sources (Not just the lower bracket) and is going to fix the pivots on Wednesday.  The way the bike was chattering and creaking, and that's  with not even cranking on it hard was not acceptable.  Anyway, that will be fixed and the bike will be ready to roll next Saturday.

Watched a movie this afternoon, ate some leftover Chinese and broke out my two new pairs of Hokas to set up for the run in two weeks.  Just another one of those things I needed the time to be able to sit down and take care of... at home.

Hokas set up and ready to go in two weeks.  Installed real laces and glued on velcro for my gaiters with contact cement.  Need to wear each pair a couple of times to break them in a little but that's the great thing about Hokas.  I could run in them as is and not broken in and be just fine during the LT100 and not have any issues at all.  Love those shoes.
So there ya have it.  A down weekend.  After giving it some thought I am so glad that I decided to stay home and not drive if for no other reason I will be in Leadville the next two weekends so my time at home is really at a premium.

Running out of things to do and Asia needs a walk but the rain is just not letting up.
No clue what I will do tomorrow.  Probably just more of the same.  There is a movie at Kimball's that I want to see, The Way Way Back.  It looks pretty good.

Next week will be busy enough.  Melissa comes home on Tuesday and we head up for the bike race on Thursday.  It will be here soon enough.

Lastly, and on a good note.  According to Accuweather, the forecast for Leadville the race weekends is definitely improving.  Looks like both races now may be somewhat dry and cooler.  Excellent conditions.

Conditions could change but for now things are looking up for the 10th and the 17th weather wise.  Nice.

From the Wetlands, all the way to the Apollo...

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