Friday, August 2, 2013


This humidor is very sad...
Five days later, the same humidor is magically happy all over again!
Non-running related... my source came through and after running perilously low on Cubans the past few weeks I am full stocked up.  Two new boxes, one of Montecristo Petit Edmundos which I fell in love with in Mexico this summer and a box of my all time favorite, Cohiba Siglo IV's.

It used to be, BM (Before Melissa) that I would have to source three - four times a year for my hauls... now only about once.  This collection will last me awhile for certain.  Of course they all need to sit in there for at least four weeks to settle down, stabilize and relax after shipping. The cigars with the bands facing the front of the humidor have been in there and are good to go though.

If I really wanted to round out the collection I'd score a box of Montecristo #4's and then go big and get a box of Cohiba Siglo VI's but for now this is good.

Supposed to head up to Leadville tonight and leave in 45 minutes.  As I am sitting here post run with absolutely nothing packed yet, I have to say that I just don't see that happening.  Waiting on Melissa to call me from Aspen to discuss a plan B. 

I am thinking that I will drive up early in the morning but I don't know.  I just don't have the energy for the drive today and to be  honest the thought of the run that I was going to do tomorrow night from Mayqueen to town just seems too overwhelming to even consider right now.  I just can't explain how tired I have felt this week. 

We'll see.  Right now I just want to sleep.

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