Thursday, August 8, 2013

I think this explains a lot.

Not sure if it was a case of mild (if that is even possible) food poisoning or if it was the onset of a nasty stomach bug, but last night was not pleasant at all.

I think that I set a new PR for the number of times going from the bed to the bathroom to be sick. Seven rounds in there if I remember right.  Rough night.

But every cloud has a silver lining... I am feeling 100% better this morning and even better than I have been the past few days.  I think maybe my body was trying to fight something off and maybe that is why I have felt just wrecked for the past ten days or so?  Who knows.

Regardless it was an extremely effective albeit unpleasant way to drop some weight before Saturday.  :)

Headed up to Leadville in a couple of hours.  Anxious to get checked in!  The forecast isn't the best yet but better than it could be.  I am definitely looking forward to things drying up and getting out of this damned weather cycle next week.

Gonna have to ride fast to stay dry!

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