Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday Track

Escaped with Roxy to the Manitou Track while Melissa was having a dinner party for some of the CC student workers from the Admissions Office.  It was my first run in a week after my little hiatus.  Time to start working on some training volume and consistency.  I am pacing Ben in the RRR100 in two weeks and the Fall Series starts in just over three weeks. 

I love the Manitou track.  Not only is it the best track in the area but from every angle there is a great view for the most part.  Regardless of how aesthetically pleasing the track is tonight's workout was brutal and I am trashed.

1 mile warmup, 4x1 mile with 400 rbi and 800m cool down. Sh:it, Sh:it:y, Sh:tt:ie.r, Sh:it:ie.st for my times.  In truth the first mile was okay... but after that the other three fell off by about 30 seconds but stayed within 10 seconds of each other... I did better last week... well with the first two repeats at least.

Dropped the Jeep of at Predator 4x4 this morning.  I should get it back by Thursday afternoon.  2012 Fall Travel for Melissa begins tomorrow as she leaves tomorrow to head to Denver for the rest of the week.  

"Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it." George Santayana

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