Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday Track.... Better.

Originally planned a workout of 4x1 mile repeats again tonight but JT intervened and suggested that 800's would be more appropriate given my current "condition."  Not 100% sure of which "condition" or issue he was reffering to so I will just assume that me was meaning my current burnout/lack of motivation-condition.  At least I hope that is what he meant as there are plenty of other options to choose from.

So tonight ended up being one mile warm up, 6 x 800m with 400m RBI and a one mile cool down.  Times were okay... 3:11, 3:23,322,3:21,3:25,3:18. 

That 3:25 was DEFINITELY due to the wind.

Overall it felt good. (as good as repeats can feel at least.)  Better than any workout since Leadville so progress in the right direction.  One thing that I was thinking on my fourth or fifth repeat was that with as crappy as things have felt the past three weeks at least I have hit the track every week and I have had those more quality workouts... so my overall volume has sucked, my consistency has sucked but at least once a week I've had honest track workouts of decent quality so that is something to be happy about. 

Sirius XM strikes again... heard this on the way home.  Talk about an ear worm!

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