Thursday, September 27, 2012

One Less in the Crisis

Funny enough I woke up this morning and saw and read this article.

I say funny in the sense that today was to be the day that I paid off MY student loans for my Masters and this I did a few minutes ago.  I can't tell you how wonderful of a gift it is to be out from underneath that debt.  For my BS I paid my loans off in seven years... for my Masters, 5.5.  Whew!

Speaking of students, I went up to Fort Collins last night to see Annie and to have dinner with her.  We had a great time but I am definitely paying for it today.  I should have gone a bit easier on all of the jalapenos that I ate.   Anyway, she is doing great and to be honest, seems to have a really sweet setup up there.  After dinner and walking back to the campus we got HER flight reservations to go back to MD for Thanksgiving as well.  All three of us will be traveling together so that will be a blast.

I've had some good runs this week and I have ridden the bike on the trackstand everyday for 45 minutes too.  I don't know it is making a difference or not in overall fitness but it isn't hurting I imagine.  For the time being I am just assuming that the body is enjoying lack of extra abuse being out and running.  I will run today and tomorrow but I am going to completely slack off on Saturday and do nothing before the race on Sunday.  That seemed to work well for me last week.

Heard this gem on the way back driving last night... the full version to boot... 6th grade flashbacks!

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