Thursday, September 6, 2012

Phase II

Got the new tires today.  Phase II is complete.  I ended up going with the 33" tires even though 35" would have fit just fine.  I'd rather go with the smaller tire and not have any issues with the tire making contact or rubbing the frame in anyway.  I used to think that 33" tires were pretty big  but it is funny though because I did look at 35" and even a 37" tire which definitely changed that notion.

Phase III is set for Sept 19.  New front and rear bumpers and winch.  After that at some time will be phase four... engine mods.  But first to get rid of the nasty stock bumpers. 

I took a picture of the Jeep today to compare it to my old Wrangler in 2007.  Kinda neat.

My '04 TJ in '07.  I was running 31" tires on this one.

My '09 JK in '12 with the 33" tires.  Same model as before. 

I sure am having fun! 

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