Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Happier Wednesday

Got out for a few miles today at lunchtime and ran in the rain.  I really don't remember the last time that I ran in honest to goodness rain but I think it had to be in July up in Leadville.  It wasn't that bad running in the rain today as it wasn't that cold.  The creek in MVP is way up and the water is almost black from ash I presume.

Tinkering with the idea of Bandera in January.  Another Texas race.  We'll see.  100K sounds like a decent distance to shoot for that early in the year.  I won't even consider going back to do Rocky Raccoon in February, forget that.

Doing some preliminary shopping and fact finding for a mountain bike for next year maybe.  So far I think that I am looking for a hard tail, 29" wheels, and under 23lbs in weight.  Of course it would have to have front suspension.  Like I said, right now just investigating my options.  If I need a bike or not won' t be decided until December.

I've been looking at possible contenders in my age group for the Fall Series.  Pretty much it's going to be a tough go at it.  I finished 6th in my AG last year and this  year I will be lucky to be that far up again.  I hope to drop five minutes from my overall time in the series from last year.  If I just do better in the last race, that will take care of that but there is just a lot of talent in the 40-44 AG. 

Anyway, starting to feel like things are coming back around.  I am pretty determined now to just get the momentum going again and keeping with it.  It could be a 50 mile week when all is said and done.

Who remembers the Chicken Lady?


  1. Living in Buffalo for a good 15 years, there was a heavy influence from Ontario, including Canadian TV on local cable. Kids in the Hall rock!

    I was shopping for a hardtail then footfeathers sold me his used double suspension and it was all over. Can't help you there.

  2. I am up in the air still between a full suspension bike or a hard tail yet really. Weight vs. Comfort vs. Cost as far as I can tell. Though I admit I am leaning towards FS for the same reason I love my Hokas. If you are going to be doing something for long enough you best be comfortable, right? :) I am thinking the Cannondale RZ One Twenty, maybe... who knows.