Thursday, August 30, 2012

Still Not Firing on All Eight Yet

I blew off running yesterday to make the Sunrise Striders run this morning.  Of course I didn't go to that either so really I have only run once this week.

I am tired.

And I mean tired.  I think it is just the typical post 100 mile stuff.  Not enough time since the LT100 to be feeling 100% and yet too soon to be thinking seriously about other big events.  Like I said, typical post 100 mile stuff.

Asides from the small blister on my foot the only other thing bothering me since the race is that part of my right foot like my 3-4-5th toes and part of my foot feels a little numb.  Almost like it is asleep.  The feeling has been coming back slowly but surely so I am not too worried about it.  But really that's the extent of the physical damage... some numb toes and a blister.

I think that I am going to take a few more days off.... I'd like to have run the ADT 1/2 on Monday but I am not ready for that.  Well at least not ready enough to get the kind of time that I would like to get in it.  So I think that will just not run until Tuesday when JT and I resume our track workouts.  We are going to be upping it to 4x1 mile now.  Yay.... 

But right now I just want to relax.  I have started a rough outline of my plans for next year.  I have Plan A and Plan B in mind.  I will say that really, the Ascent just doesn't fit into either of those buckets.  Everything will be finalized though I imagine after the HR100 lottery in December which is damned near four months away and for me seems like an eternity to be in limbo.

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