Thursday, August 23, 2012


Catcthing up on the administrivia details of life this week slowly but surely.  I have been feeling less than exuberant the past couple of days.  Partly I suspect being post LT100 let down and the other part being sort of empty nest syndrome.

Annie and I are not FB friends and we never have been... I don't want to see the craziness in her life and well, she doesn't need to see all of mine either so we respect that space for each other.  Anyway, yesterday I went to her page that I have bookmarked and noticed that she changed her "Lives In" field to be Fort Collins.  I mean that is accurate, that is were the child lives now but I don't need the reminder that she isn't just five minutes away anymore ya know?  I got her a card last night at the store and some gift cards to send to her to make sure she is eating okay and mailed it today.

Closed on the refi for the house and cottage today.  Shortened the loan and I am now down to 3.75% interest.  As a side note, it was cool to see the paperwork today where all three credit reporting agencies has my credit as being damned near bulletproof.  It's always been good and with some moves I will be able to make in the next couple of months it will only get better if that is possible.  Now the heartbreaking part to this whole story was that when I had the house and cottage appraised a couple of weeks ago, the appraisal only came in $1,000 more than what I originally paid for this place.  So basically no value increases based on the thousands and thousands of dollars not to mention  hours and  hours upon hours of work on this place.   The only equity is that which I have paid down on the original loan basically.  I know it could be worse but damn that sort of made me sick at my stomach for a bit two weeks ago.  But I am still sitting good and if I were to turn it all into a rental property the house and the cottage, especially now after the refi it would definitely be cash flow positive I can guarantee.

Recovery is going okay this week I think.  Still a lot of the post 100 mile thoughts, delusions, resolutions and whatnot floating through my head.  All I can say is that I hope that I do get into Hardrock next  year because I can almost guarantee my dumb ass will be hemming and hawing to register for LT100 after the HR100 lottery if I am not successful.  I hate being so predictable at times but when I was running yesterday and ruminating over everything I sort of figured out how my mood towards LT100 could change after the HR100 lottery depending on the outcome.

Registered for the fall series yesterday.  I do hope that they start the races earlier this year.  I just hate having my day bifurcated like they are for those races.  Can't really do anything in the mornings and then the afternoon is sorta shot too.  I was sixth overall for the series for my age group and my goal this year is to be no lower than sixth again.  Given the local talent, I will probably NEVER go above fourth in my AG ever... It is a very tough age group.  

This song was stuck in my head a lot last week for some reason.   It is crazy seeing Morrissey so young but then again, weren't we all?

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