Friday, August 24, 2012

Feets, Don't Fail Me Now

Trust me, the bottoms look just as intact.
Just to prove a point, a week after Leadville more or less and this is how my feet look.  Damned near perfect.  But you can see by the texture of the skin that my feet just are not roughed up and weren't during the race.  I attribute it to these factors...

1.  The Hoka Stinson Evo B trail shoes are a great fit for me.
2.  The DryMax socks that I wear religiously on any run.
3.  Taping the spots on my feet (Heel and ball of my foot) with Elastikon tape with the Mastisol adhesive beforehand.
4.   Redoing the tape on my forefoot after 61 miles and changing into dry shoes and socks. (Thanks Simon.)

I have to admit, it is nice not having my feet trashed the week after a race.  Not only that it is also nice to not have to look forward to weeks with huge chunks of flesh falling off of my feet during the healing process either.

None of my toenails are going to be lost either.   Hell I have only lost one toenail ever from running and that was from the 1998 Pikes Peak Marathon when I kicked the everloving crap out of a rock up by the A-Frame on the descent portion of the run.  That's it. 

I ran 100 miles and all I got was this one lousy little blister.  (If I had retaped that on the inbound at Twin Lakes I might not have even gotten this one.)

Now for some cool foot related stuff... there is an awesome thrift store in Leadville I think at Harrison and 7th that I have a lot of fun going to.  When I was up in Leadville last week they had these brand new, never worn, original Vibram sole, 1970's vintage Vasque Hiking Boots that I bought for only $25 bucks.  That was it.  I had a pair just like these in High School that I wore forever and lasted me damned near ten years so I was extremely excited to get another pair for everyday wearing boots and at that price... damn!

That is the original sole... is says Vibram made for Vasque. 
Strange enough this song came up three random times last week... The first time it was in the background to some movie or TV show that I was watching.  The second time was last Tuesday on the Satellite Radio as I was driving up to Leadville and the third time was Tuesday night on the jukebox in the Scarlett Bar of all places.  Weird. I wish this guy would have done more musically.  I still think this album and this song in particular was pure genius. 


  1. That store is where my Seth Vicious K2 3-pin/backcountry skis came from.

  2. Next time don't run with that coin on that foot and you won't get a blister.