Tuesday, August 7, 2012


The past two days have been rough with the new work schedule.  Basically I am working a 9-6 EDT schedule with a one hour lunch break in theory... The problem is while work has me on EDT schedule by body is actually stuck more in the PDT time zone.  So while I accustomed to starting work at 9 MDT... 7 just seems too bloody early.  The good news is my buddy Gary says I should fully adapt in two weeks or so. 

Last week my mileage was 60 miles, and only about 11K in elevation gain.  Compared to the few weeks before, that is an extremely light week.  The night training run in Leadville went very well I thought.  Bonus!  I got to see a bobcat on top of Sugarloaf mountain at about 20 yards.  I'd say it was a fairly big one if I had to guess its size.   Basically though made it from Fish Hatchery to the bottom of the power lines in 12 minutes, then a blistering 53 minute ascent and then on the Mayqueen for a total time from Fish being 2:16 I think.  We took it extremely easy going around the lake.  I just didn't feel like pushing it and doing something stupid and getting hurt.  It was fun to meet virtual friends in real life such as Wyatt and GZ and also see old friends from years and races past. 

I learned yesterday that I can not do the PP Double next year as I was wanting to do.  I am going to have to do the Ascent before I can do the Marathon or the Double so... next year looks like a super easy year then with just the Ascent.  I think it will be fun as I will have the time to focus on just that one event.  Hell, maybe after I can go to Leadville and pace someone in 2013.  I still need to read the PPA and PPM qualification requirements but I think if I want to do the Double, I am going to have to wait for two  more years.

Headed to Dallas this weekend for the Hottest Half Marathon.  I can't wait to get down there and see friends and run in the 100+ degree temps and humidity.  I think I will pack my sweats and hoodie though just to make it interesting.

It's a horrible picture you but you can see the reflection of his eyes.
The taper continues and while I feel rather out of sorts right now it is very refreshing to not be sore anywhere or feel any tweaks or twinges for a change.  Short run tonight, about six miles and I think that I will do that up in Cheyenne Canyon while Melissa is rock climbing.


  1. Great meeting you. Sorry we did not get to chat more, but I bailed at powerline (had an event the next day to tend to).

  2. No Problem GZ... great meeting you and you had great run on Sunday! Thanks for the IPA at the CT trail head. That was awesome!

  3. Power line? That was like, half a mile?!? Haha, feel free to give me shit later, I'm used to getting it but rarely have such a great op to give it :-)

  4. Andy, is that eyes or eye? Hahahah it appears to be my headlamp!

  5. Andy: Awesome meeting you on Saturday night! Question: Is it a good idea to do a hot-weather half-marathon a week before Leadville?


  6. Wyatt...

    Probably not. :) BUT! I will be taking it very, very, very, very easy. Very.