Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Taper Tuesday

There is nothing more bad-ass than a Flying Monkey.  Period.
Tuesday morning... no running yet this week and I am feeling fine.  Took the dogs for a long walk last night but that was the extent of it.  Feeling the occasional tweak and twinge in my legs but nothing to be too concerned about.  Normal taper stuff.

New PR last night getting all of my stuff together for the race.  Glad that I started to pick up all of the little odds and ends that I might need over the past few weeks.  Basically though it took 45 minutes to collect, sort and stage everything in the dining room.  The only thing left now is to load it all in the Jeep. 

I didn't sleep so great last night and I am not sure what is up with that.  I didn't feel like anything was really bothering me I just wasn't ready to go to sleep.  I stayed up a bit then I was able to crash okay.  Could be a disturbance in the force but not a major one... not sure.  I am not worrying about it.

Stress is at a minimum right now.  I am not nearly as overwhelmed over stuff as I was before RR100.  There are things going on in life no doubt but for the most part everything is completely manageable.  It really doesn't matter after today anyway... once I get up to Leadville tonight I am sort of off of the grid anyway.  After 1600 MDT tomorrow, pretty much 100% off said grid.

I might do some light runs this week up in Leadville but I will have to wait and see about that.  Really, except for last Monday and Tuesday's misery I have been handling this taper very well and feeling better and better each day.  I am still a little tired but that could be for many reasons.   I am not feeling stale or overly anxious... confidence is not soaring but it's not in the crapper either.

I guess that I just feel relaxed.  Even.  I am excited about the race but I have to say that I think that I am more excited about my life AFTER the race.  Regardless as to how things go down I am going to be doing different things and taking the running in different directions and focusing on other goals.  I definitely think it is going to be fun.

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  1. Found your blog googling about Leadville. I want to wish you the best of luck! I love that you are excited about your life after the race, I feel the same about my upcoming ironman! Good luck and have fun!